Sunday, August 20, 2006

11. life in a glass house

i swallow glass
a dream palace in the sun for stressed out executives
there are spies
pinhole cameras in every room

everybody wants a piece of windowpane
everybody wants a piece of broken glass
everybody wants a shattered piece of the windows/splinters
to show their friends
to take home with them
and watch the light turning into windows

a strange mistake to make
turn the other cheek
the sirens in the sea
swallow glass

with your name on (the side of the can)
never a dull moment
he's in charge (personnel)
freezeframed inert wandering bumping into things

well ofcourse id love to sit and chat
well ofcourse ide love to stay and chew the fat
well ofcourse ide love to stay and chat
but theres someone listening in


10. like spinning plates

spinning plates trick.

spinning plates im spinning plates
juggling plates
juggling plates
spinning plates
spinning plates
spinning plates
spinning plates
im juggling



09. hunting bears

08. dollars & cents

07. amnesiac/morning bell

Thom Yorke on why there is a second version of "Morning Bell":
It sounds like a recurring dream; it felt right.
--Radiohead: The Complete Guide to their Music by Mark Paytress

Sounds like Tales of the Unexpected
--Thom Yorke

it just seemed to come from a completely different place
--Thom Yorke

06. knives out

i want you to know.
you have a beautiful smile.
i want you to know.
he needs his eyes.
i was so angry.
i couldn't let him leave me.
and not come back.
i didnt want to.
is that why you killed him?
won't be long now.
he's cold. freezing.
doesn't need clothes.
i used to have a hole right through me.
i want you to know.
he's not coming back.
i won't forget.
if you'd been a dog.
they would have drowned you at birth.
look into my eyes.
its the only way you'll know i'm telling the truth.
i wont let them touch you.
i won't let them near you.
i won't let you come to any harm.


It's partly the idea of the businessman walking out on his wife and kids and never coming back. It's also the thousand yard stare when you look at someone close to you and you know they're gonna die. It's like a shadow over them, or the way they look straight through you. The shine goes out of their eyes.
--Thom Yorke

05. i might be wrong

03. pulk/pull revolving doors

The technological terror suggested by the abrasive beats is reflected in Yorke's 'fear of freedom' lyric which, though barely dicernible, has a pronounced 'door' motif. This derived, he explained, from a scene in Alice in Wonderland, "where she walks down the corridor and there are lots of different doors. And I was in that corridor, mentally, for six months... Every door I opened, was like, dreading opening it, 'cos I didn't know what was gonna happen next."
--Radiohead: The Complete Guide to their Music by Mark Paytress

04. you and whose army?

"You and Whose Army" is ultimately about someone who's elected into power by people, and who then blatantly betrays them, just like Blair did.
--Thom Yorke? | Radiohead: The Complete Guide to their Music by Mark Paytress

02. pyramid song

Yago: Can you tell me the story behind "Pyramid Song"?

Yorke: That song literally took five minutes to write, but yet it came from all these mad places. [It's] something I never thought I could actually get across in a song and lyrically. [But I] managed it and that was really, really tough. [Physicist] Stephen Hawking talks about the theory that time is another force. It's [a] fourth dimension and [he talks about] the idea that time is completely cyclical, it's always doing this [spins finger]. It's a factor, like gravity. It's something that I found in Buddhism as well. That's what "Pyramid Song" is about, the fact that everything is going in circles.

01. packt like sardines in a crushd tin box